Always Ask for a Transfer by Vancy Kasper


Always Ask for a Transfer by Vancy Kasper

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The First Edmonton Catalogue

My girlfriend came across a marvellous book while I was taming the flow at Larre’s Barber Shop on 124th st.

Published in 1981 by Colin Dobson’s Ensemble Publications (Vancouver), The First Edmonton Catalogue, by Carol Dobson (project co-ordinator) and Christopher Bissell (photography) boasts to be “the inside rack to the best, most unusual restaurants, entertainment and specialty shops.”

inside tack

Thirty four years later, with many of the establishments no longer active, the book is a veritable Madame Tussauds of Edmonton commerce (and fashion) in the early ’80s.

Notable omission: Larre’s barber.

You are recommended to click on the images for closer inspection.

inside tack 5 inside tack 6 inside tack 3 inside tack 1 inside tack 4 inside tack 7 inside tack 8 inside tack 9 inside tack 12 inside tack 11 inside tack 10 inside tack 13 inside tack 14 inside tack 15inside tack 2inside tack 16

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Come to Laugh: Alan Davies in Edmonton

In this episode of BBC’s QI, Alan Davies mentions having witnessed a thunderstorm in Edmonton (at 22m and 15 s).

Below is a picture, taken from the Edmonton Fringe’s 1989 program guide, showing a young Alan Davies with the Furrowed Brows and their production called The Seed of Doubt.

9-30-2014 11-16-21 AM

Now if we can only find out who billeted Davies during the ’89 fringe and where he watched the thunderstorm…

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james hetfield wearing SNFU shirt

snfu 1 snfu 2 snfu 3

James Hetfield of Metallica wearing an SNFU shirt.

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Shoot Alberta


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Beverley’s Record Den: For the Latest in Local & Foreign Hits


Photo of a man outside of Beverley’s Record Den in Montego Bay, Jamaica (late 60’s?).

Photo courtesy of Nicolai Canetti



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Alberta Baker

Another Alberta mascot: Alberta BakerDOC040213-04022013124631-0001DOC040213-04022013124631-0002

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